25 + venders free to join online facebook event, FREE

25 + venders free to join online facebook event, FREE
Event on 2017-06-26 18:00:00
Want venders to show you great gift ideas or not sure what you are wanting to buy cause you have not yet seen it? Join this facebook event, facebook links below. This is a no pressure buy. venders will post what they are selling if you want to buy it post on their posted item and they will get with you or if you have questions ask away. after question is answered and you want to buy you let them know if you don't see anything you like. their are more events to find that great item you want to get.
From the comfort of your home 💜

Here's the link for the first event – June 26th – 30th


event date July 1-7

Here is the link for the 3rd event date July 24-28.


"Theres An Oil For That 💜"

at St-Louis, Senegal

St-Louis, Senegal

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