Essential Business Soft Skills Taster Workshop (for entrepreneurs)

Essential Business Soft Skills Taster Workshop (for entrepreneurs)
Event on 2017-04-01 11:00:00
Who is this for: Essential Business Soft Skills is a talk and hands-on workshop for new entrepreneurs, start-up founders, solopreneurs, freelancers and small business owners hosted by Benedicta Banga- Founder of Career Management Agency Gradstrategy. The event is suitable for both product and service based businesses. Why: Every year thousands of people start a new business and many of them have fantastic ideas. It's never been as easy as it is now to start a new business. Anyone that wants can start a business at the touch of a button without leaving the comfort of their own home. In 2016, there were 80 new businesses started every hour, but statistics show that only 45% of start-ups survive beyond five years. Figures also suggest that 80-90% of businesses that fail, do so because of cash flow. (source: ONS). Managing cash flow can be improved by applying the right essential business soft skills to help you work with customers, suppliers, finance providers and getting the right products to market on time. What to expect: A talk and workshop around a selection of the Essential Business Soft Skills from the list below. Networking Influencing Negotiating Personal Brand Pitching Productivity Presenting Public Speaking Project Management Benedicta will be sharing tips, strategies and tools to use to improve your aptitude based on research, her own entrepreneurial journey, years of experience negotiating and managing multi-million-pound contracts, working as a project manager, buyer and managing supply chains for global brands- Jaguar Land Rover, Cadburys, Cummins Engine and Rhodia. Key Takeaways: Good introduction into the essential business soft skills Insight into your own strengths and areas for improvement A detailed action plan New connections

at The Mailbox
The Fashion Theatre
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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