Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses: Half-Day Masterclass in London

Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses: Half-Day Masterclass in London
Event on 2017-06-22 13:00:00
Welcome to a new series of private 1-to-1 Instagram Marketing Masterclasses for small businesses, with me, Sara K, a Fully-Qualified Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Specialist and Business Mentor. I help business owners transform their businesses into the Apple of their niche on Instagram for only £179, (saving £100, with my exclusive early bird tickets) and masterclasses available within 48 hours of booking (subject to availability). You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor or specialist, so why do it to your future investment, yourself and your business? If you're a startup reluctant to use Instagram, you don’t know where to start or an established label struggling to grow on social media and it's too overwhelming you’ve given up, then don't worry you're in safe hands with me. I train you up on how you can do the same with £0 marketing budget. Whether you're an established busy mum in the initial stages of starting your small business and you’ve hit a brick wall or business owner wanting to grow your brand on Instagram, I'm here to help you make a living out of your passion, after all, life's too short to do something you don't love. Session Overview: It can be an absolute nightmare getting your head around how to use Instagram when promoting your business, especially if you're time poor with family or full-time work commitments, whilst trying to run or establish your business. With my practical and engaging session, you're supported by an Online Marketing Specialist to help you tackle the key business and marketing skills to help you to start your online business on Instagram from your own home. I take the stress out of marketing your business on Instagram and give you the tools to transform your business into a brand, the Chanel of your niche. Through a combination of discussions, hands-on support and bespoke practical tasks designed for your business, l support you to get to grips with Instagram confidently and tailored tested techniques for small business marketing success. Plus, I share secrets to save you time, be more efficient and build your business into a brand. From strategy to branding to crafting posts and launch/rebrand campaign ideas for your fashion business. At the end of the masterclass outcomes – You will be able to implement the bespoke, practical Instagram plan l created for you You will be able to brand your account from scratch and build a business into a successful brand online from your own home You will know the best way to promote your services, gain engagement (likes, comments and followers) and be able to put it into practice You will know how to craft highly professional Instagram posts and time and cost effective solutions You'll have the tools, skills and ideas to create Instagram marketing campaigns  You'll be aware of the secrets being featured and noticed by bloggers, press and influencers You'll know how to use online marketing techniques to generate consistent revenue for your business What To Expect: The bespoke masterclass is all about you and your business; we will start by discussing your business as a whole as it's important to your success. It's informal as from my research; I believe the best training and support sessions are delivered in a relaxed environment, where business activities don't seem a chore. Pre-Masterclass – After you’ve purchased the Masterclass you'll find details of my private calendar, where you will be able to schedule your masterclass day with me.  The masterclass is tailored to you and your needs, I don’t cut corners several hours of preparation and thought goes into your session, thus after scheduling your masterclass day in my calendar, I will email you to arrange a quick call in the week to find out more about you, your overall business and social media challenges. Furthermore, I audit your current Instagram and website (if you have one). In return, the information will help me devise an effective Instagram strategy tailored to you and your business needs prior to your 1-to-1 masterclass with me. On The Day – We discuss your marketing challenges and review my findings through the audit l carried out pre-session, where provide you with solutions to help you transform your business into a brand. Also, you get to ask any questions and concerns, where l will provide support to help you with a clear structure and practical plan you can carry out after our session.  The 5 Main Outcomes of the Masterclass: 1. Instagram Marketing Strategy – We start by laying strong foundations for your small business with an Instagram marketing strategy l created prior to our session. Discuss your new Instagram marketing strategy, which was developed by myself after the post-session call Delve into industry, marketing secrets and your target audience trends to help you be the best Share the techniques that work best, how to do business and market your business on Instagram 2. Branding Your Instagram – I break down what it takes to transform your small business into a brand for Instagram and show you how to start on branding your account. Start this segment by reviewing your competitors Instagram accounts and unveil how to give you the edge Discuss the secrets to making your channel look professional and show you how to market your brand on Instagram And how to do it with ideas or suggestions for your bio description and profile image  3. Crafting Instagram Posts – We tackle your Instagram marketing challenges. Instagram posting is an art form thus, this segment will be hands-on to show you and inspire you when crafting awesome posts. I also provide you with a tailored weekly plan I've created just for you with all the secrets to help you succeed, which we will go through together including crafting winning posts. Show you,  which Instagram posts do better with posting tips and how to create them (with examples) What to write in captions (text with post) with business Instagram tips When to post e.g. days and times Where you can be more efficient from saving time and hassle e.g. with free solutions you can use (hands-on) How to increase engagement and Instagram followers with your post secrets 4. Art to Engagement on Instagram/PR – I share secret techniques to connecting and getting attention from your target audience, industry experts and bloggers. And a how to get to grips with responding or connecting with influencers, with practical templates we will work on together. Who you need to engage with apart from your consumers What to say when responding to your target audience and how to create conversations with bloggers, press and influencers And how to promote yourself on Instagram, alongside your brand. After all, people want to know about you. 5. Creating Campaigns for Instagram – We put everything you've learned into practice. We create a mini Instagram campaign in bite-size step-by-step actions you can implement for your business. Highlight how-to get you started with themed posts Share Instagram campaign ideas Any final secrets/suggestions tailored for you on how to do business on Instagram from a marketing expert We will wrap-up with a recap of your bespoke 5-step Instagram marketing plan, I'll explain the after pack I've created just for you and answer any of your questions.  At the end of the session, I'll hand over your practical plan (documents) I created just for you, that we went through in the session, where 75% of the work is done for you. I designed the documents for your business, so it will make it easier you can action the tasks I've trained you in, in return, getting the best of your Instagram. More importantly, I giving you the confidence and equip you with tools and strategy to tackle Instagram for your brand. Post-Masterclass –  It's not about money for me but making sure you do well, so I will follow-up after the session. A catch-up email or call to see how you’re getting on, if you have any questions or if you need any further support.  Reserve Your 1-to-1 Session Today: Most half-day marketing training sessions in the UK are £799 but I wanted to make my Masterclasses available to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, I've priced it at £179 (+VAT) with discounted early bird tickets (limited tickets available), with 10% going to the women of Malawi suffering of HIV but setting up their startups to feed their families. If you would like me to support you be the Apple of your niche and leverage the power of Instagram for your business, then come join me and let's start transforming your business into a brand your consumers know and love! FAQs (e.g. refunds) The 1-to-1 half-day afternoon masterclasses are four hours long (weekdays, 1 pm to 5 pm). Don't worry if you're a busy mum or a busy professional, I'm can be available for evening or weekend sessions at a time that suits you. Once purchasing just send me an email with the time and preferred day. About me? I’m a Qualified Marketing Practitioner, Award-Winning Social Media Specialist and Business Mentor. You may not have heard of me before, as for the last decade I've been behind the scenes making some of the biggest brands in the world look good, from Maserati, Boots to House of Fraser.  Since a young age, I started and set up several successful businesses with little support due to no finance. Over ten years on, I run an exclusive niche magazine. I've been invited to London Fashion Week, reported for BBC and featured in Hello Magazine and Women’s Own. Furthermore, invited to speak at the UK's premium retail event, Pure London and all with £0 spent but hard work in my field of expertise and all these opportunities have led me to work exclusively with emerging global brands led by inspirational women. As a result, I understand the battles small businesses face, that’s exactly why I combine my expertise and assist businessmen and women to promote themselves better and get their label on Instagram. How to l get to you at the masterclass e.g. transport/parking options? I've deliberately chosen a central London location, Pullman Hotel London St Pancras is a 5-minute walk from Kings Cross St Pancras & Euston. If at Kings Cross/London St Pancras follow the British Library exit signs, turn right onto Euston Road. Walk for 300m past the British Library, the hotel is located 5m on the right. And if coming from Euston Station turn left on Euston Road at the Fire station and follow Euston Road for 600m. The hotel is on your left after Chalton Street.  What do l need to bring with me to the masterclass? I like to take the hassle away from my clients so, there's no need to bring a printed ticket. Just bring a form of ID, bank card will do as long as it has your surname on it. All you need for the masterclass is a pen, paper, Instagram app on your mobile and yourself. Don't worry we will be working from my laptop and l will bring any additional printouts for you. If you do forget anything in a rush, it's ok, l always keep spare paper and pens for clients. And don't forget I'll have a call with you before our 1-to-1 masterclass, where can always remind you 😉 How can I contact you with any questions? After purchasing you will receive my contact details such as my personal email, which l have access to 24/7. Plus Skype if you need to reach me and prior to the masterclass l will call you, so you will have my number too if you need to contact me on the day for directions. What's your refund policy?  People call it customer service, I call it, 'treat others how you would want to be treated' – being considerate, fair and kind. As a result, I understand last minute issues can occur and you may need to cancel. If you wish to cancel for any reason, as long as I'm informed within 48 hours prior to your masterclass session, I'll be more than happy to refund. Although refunds are not possible 48 hours before the day of your masterclass or after the masterclass. l can promise, you get more than what you pay for but as I'm sure you can understand, l would have carried out the preparation work bespoke to you and your masterclass + paid for my transport to London. Instead, l offer the option of rescheduling as l want you and your business to benefit from the masterclass. I genuinely look forward to supporting you and your business. Warmest Regards,SarahYour Award-Winning Social Media Specialist & Qualified Marketing Practitioner BA (Hons)SARA K digital | Sara K BoutiqueLinkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 

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