Rock Your Sales & Marketing 2017 (South Africa)

Rock Your Sales & Marketing 2017 (South Africa)
Event on 2017-05-26 09:00:00
What if you could increase your REVENUE by 100% in just 90 Days? What would that do for your business & life?  If you want to massive increase in sales in just 90 days and have more time to spend with your family and loved ones and tick off your big goals without having to work long hours and bust your gut doing it or coming across as hard sell, then you need to attend this breakthrough 3 day event VIDEO COMING: Rock Your Sales & Marketing is a hands on full immersion experience. You will love it but at times it will be challenging. We allow you to experience your new sales & marketing strategy in just a few short days. This is Your Chance to be Part of one of the World's Most Transformational Events: What YOU will learn at Rock Your Sales & Marketing You can use these techniques to quickly achieve success with your bsuiness or job immediately: How to define your customer avatar. (by biting the hook with the right bait and fishing in the right ocean at the right time of year you will catch the fish you really want) The power of pitching in creating everything in a minute. (It's not about changing what yoou do. It's about developing a whole new fun skillset that you can use at the drop of a hat) The massive benefit of online marketing and great copy. (This event copy and online material took just 15 minutes and can be used again and again) The magic of Affiliates and Advocates (Wealth equals Value x Leverage. You have the value – let them bring the leverage) The Customer Journey (What strategies to use and when. How to upsell and downsell) You will actively learn to pitch, market and sell at the event. You will also create the copy for your marketing, plus your pitch, plus your marketing plan. We will focus on the 7 Steps of Marketing & Sales: Defining Your Avatar Deciding on your marketing Strategy Your Ability to Pitch Your Ability to NEGOTIATE Building Your Leverage Platform List Building  Response marketing & Sales You will leave this event absolutely ready to double your revenue in the next 90 days… exciting? YES it is. What to expect from Rock Your Sales & Marketing On arrival at Rock Your Sales & Marketing, you will find yourself in a team with others. This team will assist each other over the three days and assist you to focus on leadership, communication, spirit and solid adherance to the universal laws that affect all business. For 3 days you will have a Board of Directors to report to: You will: See marketing plans and businesses grow and develop during the course of the school Learn to be Creative, Collaborate and Connect with others Experience how others see you and feel about your value and your ideas Witness what happens when ‘QUANTUM’ occurs and also when ‘FEAR’ prevails Experience numerous successes and learn from your current patterns and where they have held you back Demonstrate how you develop, act under time frames, communicate and react as the course ebbs and flows Discover purpose in your business and career and the reason you do what you do Make friends that will last for years and connect with many other like minded people You may: Find a team member or business partner for what you do Become involved in someone else’s business in a number of ways Find investors or sponsors for your idea Take home a multi million dollar idea Be approached by one of the head coaches who may wish to participate in a venture with you YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO MARKET & SELL 2020 STYLE and LEAVE WITH A WHOLE NEW METHODOLOGY & MINDSET WARNING* – This course isn't for everyone! If you are bent in your ways, not open for new ideas, too 'freaking' precious and think you know better then stay at home. You will hate this course. WHY? Because we have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars working with the best in the world to bring this to you, so you don't have to go through this pain. We are not mucking around. We significantly want you to make a fortune from what we share and have an amazing life. If you do we ask that you contribute to the planet, a community, pay it forward, be socially responisble and be an awesome global citizen. Fair enough!By the end of the event you will understand your Value and the Value of your ideas and business as it attracts from the wider audience. You will have lernt the absolute latest techniques in pitching, selling, marketing and delivering huge revenue. 3 Fascinating, Thrilling Days of Adventure Into Business & Psychology Marketing & Sales is Psychology and the art of understanding what is right for the right people. You will benefit from a deep understanding of people. So why not: Get involved in transforming and fast tracking the success of a business Understand what is holding you back from success in your current sales system Grow what you have nationally and internationally on and offline Be coached by people who have done it, created success, millions of dollars and contributed to the planet Understand the true meaning of social entrepreneur Find out the latest techniques from the best marketers in the world Benefit by role playing success and failure in a controlled situation Apply your ideas in a controlled situation so you can fine tune before you make more  mistakes in the real world The GLOBAL SAGES who will be guiding you: This year alone these two have invested over 0,000 with the best people in the world so that you don't have to: Mike Handcock Mike Handcock is the founder of Rock Your Life. He is the best selling author of 14 books, the producer of the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’ and is a Certified Senior Consulatant with the International Institute of Consulating Professionals. He has run bsuinesses that turn over between M and 0M a year. Mike has aslo written the best selling book ever in New Zealand on Sales. Landi Jac Having worked in London and set up the HR footprint for Thompson Rueters all over Africa, Landi Jac is considered a master at international business. A senior consulant also with IICP Landi is an expert in Human & Buying Behavious with her degrees and Masters in Indusrial Psychology. The creator of 'The Consulant Code' Landi markets online globally and shows consultanats how to market and sell their services. Who Should Attend Rock Your Sales & Marketing Anyone may attend however to get maximum value from attending you should be an entrepreneur, business owner, career minded individual or someone who wishes to increase your ability to sell and market your services or products.  A Transformational Journey Attending Rock Your Sales & Marketing is a transformational journey for any entrepreneur. You will find out more about your self on this journey than working day to day in your business. You will be challenged on this adventure at numerous stages. You will have a greater appreciation of who you are and why you do what you do. You will look long and hard at your current practices and will leave with new decisions, new motivation and a clear pathway forward Frequently Asked Questions How challenging will Rock Your Sales & Marketing be? The answer is that each participant will have a differing experience. The key is to enjoy the ride, embrace any emotions that come forward, be focussed on your goal and as you know the destination is not the game, the journey is. You want to experience challenge at Rock Your Sales & Marketing not in your real world life. Play with it here. What does Rock Your Sales & Marketing focus on? We morph the content and timing to suit each audience as each is unique. For a guide: Day 1: Your Customer Avatar, The Customer Journey, Your basic Marketing Strategy, Pitching 101, Creating a basic marketing plan, Marketing Mindset (Day 1 is 9am – 9pm) Day 2: Agenda Sales, RADIO and how to use the formula, Pitching Contest, Affiliates and Ambassadors, Creating copy (Day 2 is 9am – 7pm) Day 3: Copywriting, Social Media, PR, Sponosrs, Software Solutions, Online Business, Creating you new Marketing Plan (Day 3 is 9am – 5.30pm) Should I bring my business and/or life partner? You are welcome to bring both. This is however your journey and you cannot expect them to share your journey. They will have their own. You can bring teenagers who wish to learn about business as well. Again they will experience their own journey. We do not supply crèche or baby sitting facilities" . The Investment for Rock Your Sales & Marketing Includes The Rock Your Sales & Marketing Full Program Experience Complete Program Materials Complete Business Templates Kit for Sales & Marketing Entertainment  & Laughter provided Masterclass follow up The above does not include accommodation or any travel. Rock Your Sales & Marketing is limited to ensure maximum interactivity. Places are subject to availability. Book early or you may be disappointed. TESTIMONIALS: "This event has allowed me to double my business. If it was 10 times the cost it would still be worth it" BEN WARREN – Be Pure  "Applying the simple and powerful tools from Rock Your Life gave me a 73% increase in tthe first year" CANY BUGLER – Tri Active Lodge "These guys make it simple and fun. They run the best seminars I have had the pleasure of attending" ROBYN PEARCE – World Expert in Time Management YOU CAN USE EVERY EXCUSE IN THE BOOK TO STAY AT HOME, BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT ATTENDEES WILL MULTIPLY THEIR RESULTS WHILE YOU ARE STILL MAKING EXCUSES 🙂

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