Small Business for Part-Timers

Small Business for Part-Timers
Event on 2017-07-06 19:30:00
One of the biggest “obstacles” that holds most people back from creating their 2nd, 3rd or more streams of income is:

They don’t know what to do. Or how to go about doing it.

Some wanted to quit their jobs to spend more time with their children.

Some wanted an alternative way to increase their pay as their company just wasn’t progressing fast enough or there weren’t any opportunities flying their way.

Some just wanted to enjoy life a little more instead of being caught in the crazy and frantic rat chase they find themselves trapped in.

Whatever the reason, the problem was the same…

They didn’t know what they could do about it.

Now we would like to invite you for a 1.5 hour LIVE workshop where you will learn how to build a proper business through helping people while making extra income quietly.

This is not an e-commerce, internet marketing, investing, trading or any other get-rich-quick scheme.

This business is exciting for these reasons:
We have a Facial Bar that has sold in millions over 60 countries and won many awards. It is tested and proven to work wonders on the skin after three minutes of application. Come and test it out yourself! Do you think it is difficult to sell the world's most popular and sought after facial bar?

Attend this session with an open-mind. Because health is the new wealth!

Note: Please register early as seats are limited and allocated on a first-come-first served basis.

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