The Innovative Company of the Future! Atomy!

The Innovative Company of the Future! Atomy!
Event on 2017-06-01 19:30:00
The Basic Theory of Economy is Straightforward.
Distribution is Key!
Effective Strategy where Quality meets Value.

Atomy's MASSTIGE strategy is to provide
Absolute Quality products at an Absolute Price.
Expansion of masstige products reflect the trend in consumer consumption preference. Changing consumption patterns for premium and diversified products open up vast market growth opportunities. As the world market is more globalized and united to a single market, Atomy’s Masstige brand is positioned to gain momentum and growth. Established in 2009, Atomy has expanded globally beginning with USA, followed by Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippine and Malaysia. As a result of steadily pioneering overseas markets with Masstige strategy, it has shown remarkable achievement in global business. In December 2016, Atomy Mexico opened, which will become a bridgehead for Latin American market. Atomy will keep pursuing its management goal of becoming a global distribution hub by further expanding into Southeast Asian markets and pioneering into china.Since establishment, our objective has not been competition with other network marketing companies. Alternatively, we compete with mass merchandisers such as supermarkets, department stores, home shopping, and online retailers to reshape and transform the way in purchasing goods. Henceforth, Atomy will rewrite the history of Network Marketing. Built on a foundation of principles, Atomy will lead the industry to reshape recognition.

Turn your consumption into investment!
No Registration Fee
No Monthly Fee and No Annual Fee
No website usage Fee
Do not have to purchase products to register
Do not have to purchase products every month
No automatic reordering
No auto-ship. Consumers are always in control
Do not have minimum order quantities
The member id number is valid across the globe

By purchasing Atomy Products You can receive Residual Income!
Contact me today to sign up for Free Membership!
For more information go to Http:// Login:2212564
Guest Password:1234
*****Email me to receive your unique sponsor ID that you will enter into the application when prompted.

*****Meet with Atomy Leaders every Thursday Evening at 29 Fairview Street
Palisades Park NJ at 7:30 PM to learn more about Atomy!
Ask for Kamal or Susan
*Ask me where there is an Atomy meeting near you!

at The Bergen Center
29 Palisades Avenue
Palisades Park, United States

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