Watch the Skies: An Alien Encounter Megagame

Watch the Skies: An Alien Encounter Megagame
Event on 2017-06-10 11:00:00
Watch The Skies is a megagame that’s like a Model United Nations veering right off the rails, with a bunch of aliens showing up to cause international panic and confusion. It combines live-action role-playing (e.g. Dungeons & Dragons) with the rules and mechanics of a board game (e.g. Risk), to create a unique event for dozens of people to experience together. Participants will play as one of three groups: Human Nations – Eight countries made up of five players each, with each team member taking on a distinct role: Head of State, Deputy Head of State, Military Commander, Chief Scientist, and Foreign Minister. Working together, these teams will fight for the interests of all humanity… or maybe the humans in their own country. After all, if you can't beat the aliens, why not join them? The Media – Three individuals play as journalists representing different news organizations across the globe. Their job is to seek out and publish the truth, through interviews, eavesdropping, and other, uh, less ethical methods. They compete to win a coveted Pulitzer Prize at the end of the game! Aliens – The enigmatic aliens are working towards some secretive agenda, but who knows what or why?! Play as one of these creatures and you will use your futuristic technology to confound the earthlings at every turn.  Over the course of the 6-hour game session, players will build alliances, cut deals, deploy armies, engage in espionage, and ultimately decide the fate of the world! Can peace be brokered between humanity and those from beyond the stars? Or will the nukes fly fast and loose in a desperate attempt to stop the aliens from taking over? FAQs When do tickets go on sale? Early bird tickets will go on sale on Saturday, April 15 at 12 PM for each. On May 1, tickets will go up to each, so it's best to buy during that initial 2 week period (and it helps us plan things out in advance of the event date). The event is happening at Parkdale Library? Like, in the library? With all the books and stuff? Wha…? There's an underground auditorium at Parkdale, and Watch the Skies will be happening down there. There is an elevator that goes down to the basement, so the auditorium is accessible to those individuals with impaired mobility. I have friends I want to play with, can I signup as part of a team? Yes, you can – though this only applies to Human Nations. Your team should decide on a team name before buying a ticket. When you buy your a Human Nation ticket you will be asked if you are part of a team, if you are click yes and enter your team name when prompted. I enjoy role-playing but don't really care for complex game mechanics (or vice-versa)? Is there a role I can play in Watch the Skies that caters to my interests? Yes, indeed! Different roles in Watch the Skies cater to different skillsets. For instance, the Foreign Minister role is more of a role-play heavy position that focuses on socializing and negotiation, while the Military Commander and Chief Scientist roles focus more on playing cards, rolling dice, etc. (the "board game" part of Watch the Skies). Then there's the Media roles which focus on interviewing subjects and writing short articles, making them more like commenters that can influence the course of the game through the power of their words. Do I need to know my role in a team before purchasing tickets? No, you don't. When you buy a ticket, you'll be asked what kind of role you'd like to play for Watch the Skies, and we'll take this into account when organizing teams over the next couple months. If you are coming into Watch the Skies as a fully formed Human Nation (e.g. you have a group of 5 players), then we'll leave it up to you to decide who is playing each role on your team. Can I buy more than one ticket? You can buy up to 5 tickets to play as a Human Nation, up to 3 tickets for the Alien Team, and a single ticket for the Media since they play the game solo. Where is the money for my ticket going? A megagame like Watch the Skies requires lots of supplies (cards, tokens, maps, name badges, printed documents, etc.) and a big venue to run it in. Your money is going towards all those costs and, if the event break evens, anything above and beyond with go to the organizers to compensate them for their time.  What is your refund policy? We will issue a full refund up to 2 weeks before the event happens. After that all sales are final.

at Parkdale Branch Public Library
1303 Queen W
Toronto, Canada

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