Why are so many people learning to trade? Should you be one of them?

Why are so many people learning to trade? Should you be one of them?
Event on 2017-03-18 14:30:00
Brit Exit? Property Prices Soar!  If you learn to trade properly, you can make money in both up and down markets. There are no bad days for traders. If you can make it to Marble Arch make sure you don't miss out on this event.  25% of the population is making money trading on the forex market, shares and commodities, find out why and don't get left behind. Here at Learn to Trade, we are interested in speaking with people who would like to learn more about Forex Trading. We have experts here willing to tell you all you need to know. Most people fail in trading/investing, not because it is particularly hard, but because they are not properly prepared. Come and Learn To Trade with the most successful Traders in Europe.   It’s time to invest in the largest market in the world, the Forex market.  With its 5 trillion a day trading volume it is about sixty times larger than the daily trade volume of the New York Stock Exchange. 10 reasons to invest in Forex? 1.     High Liquidity 2.     High Returns 3.     High Leverage 4.     Small Initial Investment 5.     Easy to Learn 6.     Trade on your own time without leaving your full time job 7.     24 Hours a Day Market 8.     Hundreds of Pairs and Crosses to choose from 9.     Make  Profit on Daily Basis Closing Your Positions at Night 10. The potential is endless When most people think Traders, they usually think about it being lucrative and highly risky, it is this high risk that lends people to think it would be good to do, but most choose the safer option of the bank. But is it really? When it comes to MONEY many individuals feel safer dealing with the banks, they feel there is a security and little risk, however for banks in particular, the effect of the Brexit vote has been toxic. This isn’t the first time it’s happened in the last 10 years we have seen Chesham Building Society; Northern Rock go bust in the last month alone. The Bank of England has already hinted in the strongest terms that it will cut Bank Rate in the face of falling growth – something which will make it harder for banks to operate at a profit. So are Banks really the best choice to invest, protect and keep your money? Do you remember the HSBC’s meltdown in 2015 that left business customers unable to pay salaries or suppliers, or RBS technological banking glitch on one of the busiest online shopping days of the year left millions of shoppers unable to pay for transactions using their credit or debit cards? Forex allows you to trade money, commodities and even precious metals, so you can add that to your trading arsenal, like silver or gold. It is also true that forex is easier to trade. Stock trading can be very difficult because if you wish to do it properly you need to do a lot of work, analysing markets, sectors, industries, companies, digging through financial statements, listening to earnings calls. This can take years of learning and practice. Now I know what you're thinking, too good to be true. The catch is that it takes time and dedication to be REALLY good. So don't get caught up in these online demo accounts, Youtube and tutorials you find online. The thing is you won't be able to learn anything valuable from these. You need to be among the traders, learn from the best – face to face and talk with others who are in your position.Kind regards,  Learn to Trade 

at London Marriott Hotel County Hall
Westminster Bridge Road
Newington, United Kingdom

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